Top 10 Podcasts

I’m a huge believer in personal development and one of the easiest and most practical ways you can develop yourself is through podcasts. They’re great because 1. They’re free! 2. You can listen to them anywhere!  3. You can learn just about anything! I like to listen to them while I get ready in the mornings and while I'm in my car. Here is a list of some of my top favorite podcasts! 


The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders: Healthy Habits | Personal Development

Favorite Episodes:

10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity
15 Time Management Secrets
How to Master Productivity in 100 Days

The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency: GTD | Time Management | Evernote

Favorite Episodes:

How to Discover Your Own Core Values
Finding Your Focus
Making Rituals Stick

Optimal Living Daily  by Justin Malik: Productivity | Minimalism | Growth

Favorite Episodes:

Episode 525: Pay Attention
Episode 518: Core Skills Your Life Depends On
Episode 513: If You’re Busy You’re Doing Something Wrong

Gateway Church by Robert Morris: Spiritual Growth

Favorite Episodes:

The Principle of Rest
Build God’s Kingdom
Detour to Your Dream

Bethel Church by Bill Johnson: Spiritual Growth

Favorite Episodes:

Kingdom Abundance Series
Fasting, Angels, and Breakthrough
Friend of God

Kris Vallotton: Spiritual Growth

Favorite Episodes:

Germinate: Letting things grow
Cultivating Prophetic Families
Responsibility of Royalty

Moral Revolution: Dating | Sexuality | Healthy Relationships

Favorite Episodes:

The Seduction of Success
The Process of Promises
Moving From Slavery to Sonship

Jesus Culture by Banning Liesbscher: Spiritual Growth

Favorite Episodes: 

Finding your people by Kris Vallotton
Get out of the boat by Scott Thompson
Thriving in the process by Banning Liesbscher


GTD: Productivity

Favorite Episodes:

Defining your areas of focus
GTD and the organized mind


Jesus Culture Leadership: Spiritual Leadership

Favorite Episodes: 

Traits of a Leader Series
Church as a Family
Finding Your Tribe

I hope you enjoyed today's blog! What are some of your top podcasts? I would love to hear! 


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