How She Does It | Interview with Becoming Ministries

Recently I got to chat about all things Jesus + Productivity over on Becoming Ministries blog! 

Becoming Ministries exists to celebrate and empower teen-20something young women to get comfortable in their own skin and BUY into the process of life that God has for them!


Read the full interview below!


You’re a 20something who just joined on staff at Proverbs 31 ministries in their Social Media Team, what is something you’ve already learned from the amazing women you work with?

The importance of knowing your strengths/weaknesses and how understanding others’ strengths is key to creating a great team and healthy work culture. My supervisor @paigeklein has modeled what excellent leadership looks like by always reminding me to keep my why in front of me and pushing me to never stop learning. 

As a 20something, how are you learning to get comfortable in your own skin?

I’ve found that getting comfortable in my own skin starts with embracing my identity in Christ. When I embrace who He has created me to be I can be confident in my own skin because true confidence comes from within, not from my outward appearance.

Tell us some tips on how you study the Bible and encounter God’s presence?

I love to start off with worship and thanksgiving. I keep a journal where I write out prayers, and I also am trying to get in the habit of sitting in stillness. I also like to read out of a study Bible to get better understanding and context from what I’m reading.

After moving from home and completing 2 amazing internships with Elevation church & Proverbs 31 ministries, what are the 2 main things you’ve learned throughout the process?

  1. Ministry is not glamorous.  I never thought I could experience so much joy while being stretched completely out of my comfort zone, but there is so much beauty to be found in the process and I loved every second of it.
  1. There’s a difference in working for God and working with God. I experienced some of the driest seasons of my life and thought “How can I be working in ministry and feel so empty?” I learned that if I wanted to keep my intimacy with God, I had to be intentional to show up in my time with Him.

Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow for inspiration, and why?

@mrs_laurenmcullen! I chose Lauren because she is a role model and example to me of true authenticity. Not only is her feed absolutely beautiful, but she’s also not afraid to be vulnerable and I love that about her!

How do you stay organized with all of your to do’s throughout your week? Any tips or resources?

I’m the girl who gets way too excited about to do lists and systems! I use Evernote for all my of personal and work to do’s. I created a template that I restart every month where I write out my goals and keep track of my daily/weekly schedule. At the end of each day I write out my struggles/wins and move any uncompleted to do’s to the next day. It’s helped me feel so much more organized and in control of my schedule! 

What’s your favorite beauty secret?

 I spray Mario Badescu’s rosewater spray on my face every morning and night. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and energized and it smells amazing!

If you could give other women 1 practical piece of advice on going after their dreams, what would it be?

Let go of the excuses and take that next step. There will never be the perfect time, or perfect opportunity. You will never “feel” ready or comfortable. It’s much better to live uncomfortable than continuing to say “One Day.” 

We know you love breakfast! What’s your fav quick-prep breakfast for fast paced mornings?

I am a huge breakfast fan (I could eat it for every meal!) But for fast paced mornings I like to keep smoothie ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and kale prepped in my freezer to make a quick smoothie on the go!

What traditions or routines are you trying to implement in your lifestyle?

I have been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating wholesome and healthy foods, meal prepping, exercising, getting lots of sleep, and creating time in my schedule for rest. This is a big one. I believe rest is the key to living a productive and successful life! 


“How She Does It is a Blog Interview we do 1x a month, featuring Inspiring and Godly teen 20something women from around the world! We want to know tips, secrets and insight on how other young women live their life well and pursue Christ intentionally. Doing this young woman stage of life together is what we’re all about- empowering each other and becoming confident enough to live out these years well!"

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