How's Your Soul?

It’s been a while since I’ve shown up to write words on this page. I’m going to warn you that this won’t be the most put together or well-written blog post I’ve ever written, but there are words that need to get out and my one hope is that they would be the very words you need to hear today.

If you’ve been following my journey, you probably know I recently started a waffle pop - up, selling waffles at farmer’s markets and around my city. To say life has been a little crazy would be an understatement. In a season of balancing a part-time job, starting a small business and working pop-ups, writing content for an online organization, and managing a social and family life, I’ve been asking myself some hard questions lately.

And the first is “how’s my soul?” Because it can be so easy to get caught up in “living the dream” that we lose our soul in the process. The scary part is often we don’t even realize it. We will end up pushing ourselves to produce more and more as if we are a machine while neglecting the deep needs of our soul that are screaming for rest.

There are a few ways we can usually tell when our soul is crying out for rest.

1. When we’re more concerned about succeeding than embracing the present

Have you ever found yourself saying “I just don’t have time for a social life? I have to study. I have to get this done. I have too much to do than take this call, be present with my family, go to dinner with friends, or take care of my self” Now there are times where we do have to protect our time in order to accomplish our goals, but if we find ourselves too busy to do what we love while “chasing the dream” we may end up getting to a destination and realizing we missed the whole point. The dream life is not in a destination but it’s a rested soul throughout every season of life.

2. We’re physically and mentally drained

I’m not ashamed to tell you that there have been countless nights I’ve found myself laying on the floor on the side of my bed staring at the ceiling absolutely drained. Not even having the energy to pick up my Bible and read it. Not even having the words to pray. And in those moments I realized my soul was starving. I realized in those moments how desperately I needed Jesus to breathe life back into my soul. Because he is the only one who can make my soul thrive. Nobody else and nothing else can give me what Jesus can give me. He’s the only one who sustains me, and when I neglect intentional time in His presence, my soul and body will become weary.

3. We’re lacking patience/faith

When my soul has become weary, my patience usually wears then. I find myself feeling more “rushed” and living as if I’m not fulling breathing. Then I start to rely on my plans, trusting in myself rather than God. So my faith becomes smaller and smaller and I make my plans my God. Of course, I wouldn’t ever say that or intend to do that, but my actions some days prove otherwise. We can say all day long we have faith, but if we’ve got a detailed plan for everything in our lives, we’re not living by faith. And when our souls are not resting in God, we won’t see the way he sees. We won’t have the patience and faith it requires to trust him with our whole life. And I’ve been there, and it’s a place I don’t ever want to go back to within my soul.

In Mark 8:36 it says "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul?”

We gain nothing when we gain success but realize we lost our soul in the process.

Our souls were created to thrive in God. There is a deep longing inside of us that only Jesus can fill. Although I don’t have all of the answers and I can’t tell you exactly what to do to find rest for your soul, I can say everything we need is found in Jesus. That in Jesus, he promises us fulfillment. The reason we keep going back to success, relationships, foods, etc… to fill us up, is because they will never be enough for us. You will never make enough money to satisfy you. You will never be able to bring yourself the fulfillment you desire. But Jesus says “all who thirst for him will never thirst again.” When our souls are resting in Jesus, we lack nothing. We have all that we need. And it’s from that place of rest, that then we can chase our dreams, but not on our own this time… But through his spirit working gin and through us.

I know this was lengthy and may have been a little messy, but It’s just something Jesus has been working in me about and I hope it inspires you today to let your soul rest. As I’m writing this I’m sitting on a couch an hour outside of town at a local coffee shop doing just that. I prioritize rest because I know my soul cannot thrive without it. So today is all about doing things to fill my soul up. Jesus, coffee, and conversations with people that bring life and joy. 

Have a happy Thursday, friends. 

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