Why I Stopped Reading Books

It was six months ago when my life took a huge turn. One of the things I knew I needed to give up for the rest of the year was reading and cutting back almost completely of listening to podcasts. Hear me out, I LOVE reading and consuming information through books, media, and podcasts. But I also think we can get to a point where we’re consuming so much information from so many sources that we end up doing nothing at all with it. One of the things I noticed in my life is I didn’t really have a hunger for God’s Word. 

I’d like to think I have, but it was more of a routine than it was a true hunger to hear him speak through His Word. I’d feel good after getting in a few minutes then spend endless amounts of time getting lost in other books and journaling. I thought if I was talking to God through prayer that it was okay that I only spent a few minutes in His word. After all, I still read so shouldn’t that be enough? I wanted the gifts of the Spirit and to hear his voice but I didn’t want to practice the self-discipline to actually get into His Word. I’d much rather someone else feed it to me than going to get it for myself.

I was being filled with podcasts, but starving for the Living Word of God in my life. 

But then something shifted. The thing about God is He will never shame us, but his gentle conviction is what leads us into more freedom and more joy. And what I’m not saying is to stop reading books! That is not the point of this post. There have been so many books that have impacted my life and I can’t wait to pick up more in the new year! But I also feel in a generation where we have access to so much information, it’s important that we don’t lose our hunger for the most important book we could ever read that has the power to change our lives forever.

And if you feel stuck in a rut and not sure where to even start, here are 3 apps that have helped me! Although God’s Word doesn’t change, the methods for a quiet time do. And I think it’s so important to switch it up every now and then!

1. First 5 App

This app takes you through the entire Bible. Book by book and chapter by chapter. It’s a great resource that helps take you deeper into the Word and you can also purchase the books to follow along here if you want an even deeper study.

2. Blue Letter Bible

THIS APP HAS BEEN CHANGING MY LIFE. Seriously go download it right now. 

Whether you’re using it to prep messages or you just want a deeper study in God’s Word, 

Reading the Word is only one step, but if you want to go deeper in knowing the context of the scripture this app is amazing for that. You can find commentaries, dictionaries, word searches, and it’s super easy to understand and use. 

The Word of God has become completely alive to me since using this app!

3. The Bible App

After I read my actual Bible, I like to read those same scriptures in a different version within the app that makes it plain and simple. Just as a paraphrase. Those versions are the MSG, TPT, & NLT.

Lastly, (and not biblical at all.) HA! But I believe atmosphere also plays a huge part. Something about creating a place where you can look forward to meeting with Jesus and getting in His word is so important. Whether it’s going outdoors, a little space in your room with a desk, or a certain chair/place in your house. Create a space where you can go and meet with Jesus, and make it your top priority every day to meet with him through HIs Word.   

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