Part 5: A Barren Season by Staci Kober

What are you hoping for this Christmas season? Christmas should be a time of celebration, gathering with loved ones, laughter, and Joy. But for many it's a time of depression, despair, a feeling of loss, no hope.

Can I be honest with you, I would love to receive a healing in my body for an autoimmune disease I've battled for 19 yrs now, that would be all I need this Christmas. The daily struggle of pain in my body can get me down at times… I have to remind myself that our daily struggles, ups and downs of life are like seasons. They come and go bringing with them changes, changes that are beautiful and changes that are dry, dark, cold and barren. 

Winter is a month when things go dormant, not many pretty things blooming, trees change colors or loose their leaves. But just hold on, Spring is on the way, a new, different Season. Things that were buried begin to come forth from the ground, giving hope that new life is on the way. It may been a long season in the waiting, but oh how the waiting brings so much beauty. Trees begin to grow new leaves, flowers begin to bloom again, color returns. Birds begin to sing praises again, new birth arises. There is life once again.

So when you don't see God moving on your behalf in a certain situation that has you broken, down in the valley and you feel like you are drowning in pain, what do you do? 

Stand there with your head bowed down and arms lifted high, crying out to God for breadth, for rescue. 

God is ready to fight the giants in our way this Christmas season and throughout the upcoming year. We don't need to fear, crumble or sink. He wants to fight our battles for us. He doesn't want us to battle them by ourselves.

So this Christmas season look to God above who brought heaven down through the gift of His son to give life, hope, joy, peace, and even that healing we are hoping for. - Staci

Recently my mom has started a page in hopes to come alongside and encourage others who are in need of a healing in any way. She’ll be sharing personal testimonies, the raw and vulnerable parts of her life, and what God is teaching her through this season. You can find the page here!

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