Part 3: Miracles in the Mundane

It was a simple Saturday morning. The night prior was spent baking cookies that I planned on passing out to family and friends. I packed those cookies with me in the car, headed out for the day, and on my way to where I was going, I passed a lady that was bent over on the side of the road. So many thoughts racing through my mind… “well, I’m supposed to be meeting up with someone. What will they think if I’m late?” but I couldn’t ignore that still small voice saying “turn around right now” 

God loves to interrupt our plans and show up in ways we least expect it.

I grabbed some cookies and hopped out of the car. I asked if I could pray for her and she started to tell me about the pain in her foot and leg. Her foot was swollen and she could hardly stand up straight. I knelt down to lay hands on her feet, and during the prayer, I felt something moving in her foot, it almost felt like a heartbeat and as I stood to look at her, her eyes lit up and she started to say “The pain is gone! The pain is gone!” The swelling in her foot had gone down and we both started to jump up and down on the side of the road praising Jesus for the miracle we just saw with our own eyes. 

She went on to explain how she believed Jesus could heal, but right before I showed up, she was starting to question as she thought she was having a stroke. But in one moment, she was healed.

This has nothing to do with me or my words, but the power that lives inside of you and me as believers. The same God who raised the dead, made the blind see, the deaf to hear, and caused the sun to stand still is within you. 

The greatest gift we could give away this Christmas is Jesus and the world is anxiously waiting to unwrap it. 

These miracles are often found in the most mundane of moments. I always wanted God to use me to spread His love to others, but often times my agenda got in the way. I love schedules and love sticking with plans. But recently God has been challenging me to inconvenience my life for others. To learn how to create the space for Him to interrupt and change my plans for His. I started to pray and ask God for encounters with people during my day and what would follow blew my mind every. single. time. 

What if we spent less time on social media this holiday season and more time living with our eyes open?

What if we allowed Jesus to interrupt our plans so we can be a part of the miracles he wants to do through us?

Coming from the girl who once lived so scheduled and planned, the greatest thing I’ve ever done was allow Jesus to wreck that part of me. What I’m not saying is schedules are bad. In fact, I still love to plan things. But when we allow space for Him to move, we will start to see miracles in the mundane. 

So this is my challenge for you this Christmas!

Spend less time on social media and ask the Holy Spirit to highlight people throughout your day who are in need. Open your eyes to see the lost, the hurting, and in need this Christmas. Ask Jesus to show up in your mundane moments and wait with expectancy for him to come through. Be present, slow down, and let the love of Jesus overflow onto every person you run into this season.

If you have a story of Jesus showing up in a mundane moment, share in the comments below!

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