Finding God In The Hidden Places: Why He's Closer Than You Think

Coming home used to be hard.

I have this tendency to hold onto memories a little too tightly and let my roots dig deeper into places other than the Lord.

I don’t like change.

I like familiar faces and atmospheres.

I don’t like feeling uncomfortable and walking through doors unsure of where they’ll lead.

I used to feel closer to God while I was at home, here where I grew up, then when I was at my new home in Charlotte. God was pouring out his blessings on my life and proving himself faithful every step of my journey, yet I still kept looking back.

It was as if I was blind to what was right in front of me and could only see His previous goodness.

If we’re looking for God to always show up in the same way, I’m afraid we’ll miss him.

There's nowhere we can go that He won’t be there with us. When we feel ourselves distancing from God, more often than not it’s likely that He’s not actually distant at all, He just changed up the scenery.

Don’t confuse unfamiliarity with distance.

He often likes to show up in the unexpected places and He’s actually closer than you think.

I don’t know why God put this in my heart to share with you, but maybe you can relate to me.

Maybe you’re still trying to look for God in the same way you found him in previous seasons. And excuse me for sounding harsh, but He’s not there anymore. He’s here. Wherever your “here” is, that’s where He is.

If your present reality is a season of dryness, He’s just as present as He was in the season of plenty.

If your present is struggling to make ends meet with your finances, He’s just as present as he was in wealth.

If your present is singleness and loneliness, He’s just as present as when you were surrounded by community.

He’s in the pain.

He’s in the loss.

He’s in the confusion.

He’s waiting for you in the place you are trying to avoid. 

I believe that the greatest season of your life is on the other side of what looks like a barren place.

God often likes to hide Himself because he finds joy in us discovering Him in the hidden places.

If you’re in a hidden place today, a place where He feels far and distant, a place where you question if he’s punishing you, I want to encourage you with this.

He brought you there for a purpose. He doesn’t do anything unless it is for YOUR good.

But what looks like good to God often doesn’t look good to us.

But will you trust him today? Will you search for him in your hidden place? Will you discover that He is just as close in your pain as He is in your joy?

Our lives will ever be changing, but one thing that is sure is our God never changes. He will never leave your side and He is with you, fighting for you today.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." | Hebrews 13:8

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