Will you let Jesus be enough for you this December?

I feel like a child this time of the year wanting to squeeze every possible bit of joy I can from this season. All the Christmas movies, bonfires, decorating, present wrapping and countless trips to Target. None of these are necessarily bad things, but they can be when we become consumed with all of the doing that we forget to be still and reflect and prepare our hearts for what this season is all about.

Two years ago I walked into the holidays with eager anticipation and high expectations, but when God asked me to surrender the relationship I had been in for four years, I quickly realized that Christmas season was not going to look the way I had imagined. 

In my brokenness, I found something much deeper, much sweeter, and much more fulfilling than all of my expectations. I embraced the greatest gift I had ever been given, Jesus himself.

Jesus. The one who satisfies our hearts deepest longings.

Jesus. The one who turns our mourning into dancing.

Jesus. The one who really is enough.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re in that place today with shattered expectations. Maybe this season you’re facing depression and anxiety struggling to find your way out. Maybe as you scroll through social media it feels as if it’s another reminder that you are alone while it seems like all of your friends are getting engaged and having babies. Or maybe comparison has stolen your joy. Comparing everyone else’s Pinterest perfect homes and holiday baking to yours. This comparison is the thief of true joy during the holiday season. Don’t believe the lie.

The best life is the one you’ve been given. God has hidden glory moments all throughout our lives and when we fix our eyes on him instead of everyone else’s highlight reel, we find what we’re all really searching for. 

Although that Christmas didn’t unfold the way I might have expected, it ended up being the greatest Christmas of all. Not because I did everything I had planned and watched all the Christmas movies or had the picture-perfect relationship, but because God exchanged my brokenness for deep joy. It was unlike any other Christmas before. I don’t even think I watched a single Christmas movie that year but I learned that Christmas that Jesus really and truly is enough.

So while everyone else is getting engaged and having babies, will you let Jesus be enough for you? When comparison tries to rob your joy, will you let Jesus be enough for you?

There’s nothing wrong with any of these things. If you know me, you know that I get a little crazy when it comes to the holidays. I love doing all of the fun things and making memories with friends and family, but I never want to forget what Jesus taught me that year. That He really is enough.

We’re only two short weeks away from Christmas, as we wait for the arrival of our king who came in the form of a baby, may we remember that the greatest gifts of all often come in unexpected ways.

Friend, will you let Jesus be enough for you this December?

Kenzie KoberComment